Training Philosophy

Any employee interacting with the public, clientele, or coworkers can benefit from employment training. At The Solutions Foundation PCST, we specialize in individual and group training sessions for:

Regardless of your background, education, or job title, The Solutions Foundation PCST will customize a training plan based on your self-evaluation and our proven course curriculum in order to improve employee performance and morale.

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About Us

About Us

The Solutions Foundation PCST provides workshops, staff improvement courses, and life coaching that will add value to your company's most valuable resource, the employee. Through study, drilling, and practical application of materials provided in The Solutions curriculum; employees will be empowered to complete job duties as well as serve the company in a more efficient and effective manner.

What is the purpose of The Solution Foundation PCST implementing these training tools and services to your employees?

  • To increase productivity of executives and staff
  • To decrease high employee turn-over rates
  • To increase morale of executives and staff
  • To empower executives and staff to utilize individual skills and techniques in order to complete job duties more efficiently
  • To effectively assist and empower executives and staff to handle personal life stressors, which may effect job performance, in a productive manner

Regardless of your background, education, or job title, The Solutions Foundation PCST will customize a training plan based on your self-evaluation and our proven course curriculum in order to improve employee performance and morale.

Michael Hudspeth

Founder, CEO & Executive Director of The Solutions Foundation, the Miracle Institute & Flavor All Gourmet Barbecue Wood

Michael Hudspeth – Founder and Executive Officer

As a renowned motivator, trainer, and public speaker, Michael Hudspeth has raise to prominence by delivering high energy messages which tell people how to clean their thinking up and live up to their own greatness. Methods such as learning how to learn the purpose for learning communication innovative methods 30 years of experience.

Through empowerment programs after school literacy and Advance educational therapies, teachers and parents training, entrepreneur and business management. Established in 1994 under the name Miracle Institute where we housed over 700 men and women in Duarte, Monrovia, Arcadia, Los Angeles and Pasadena to a new beginning later becoming The Solution foundation (where lives are rebuilt) serving over 15,000 individuals over the past 20 years. Went from a budget of $50,000 and raised over 8000,000 at Solutions foundation. Through behavior modification employment training, we serviced 142 to you for a day and 100 adult.

Alyese Whitfield

MFT Trainer

Alyese Whitfield – Trainer

With her history in working with youth and families in the mental health field, Alyese Whitfield has experience in identifying life stressors and needs of individuals.

She utilizes Psychology tools and techniques in order to empower, motivate, and educate employees on job performance, motivation, and reaching a better self. Alyese's key areas of training is self care and morale building, which will assist trainees in developing a sense of purpose and drive.

Alyse Johnson- Whitfield has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat in life. After starting her career in corporate America, she is now seen as the go-to motivational keynote speaker for corporate and association markets that want their people to improve their morale, teamwork, and communication skills and ultimately achieve more results. With her background as a Psychologist with several major social services organizations, Alyse honed her skills to motivate audiences who are often hard to motivate. With her engaging, and fun personality, Alyse connects with her audiences immediately and delivers content that they can immediately use when they get back to their office.

Dr. Alfreddie Johnson Jr.


Reverend Alfreddie Johnson Jr. – Trainer

Dr. Johnson is one of the most effective international orators of our time, an expert educator and outstanding administrators.

Over 30 years of experience as a community activist and human resource developer, Dr. Johnson has knowledge of individual's needs and has a passion for speaking for those unable to speak for themselves. Dr. Johnson also ha a combined 20 years of experience training staff and executives in educational, communication, and organizational strategies along with motivational speaking for individual groups.

Dr. Johnson is one of the most effective international orators of our time, an expert educator and outstanding administrator. When he speaks, the passionate renaissance orator leaves his audience spell bound, empowered and inspired. The wisdom and universal truths that he shares permits him to transcend barriers. Johnson believes that in life - it is better to light candles than to curse the Darkness. Dr. Johnson's desire to help improve communities, nations and mankind has driven him to become a facilitator who petitions and influences common people, leaders and government officials to make sane and sound decisions that do the greatest good for everyone concerned.

Renee Moncito


Renee Moncito – Trainer

As the Founder and Executive Director of Wings of Refuge, Inc. Renée's personal mission is to facilitate growth through building stronger communities.

Renee is a dynamic motivational speaker with more than twenty years of expertise in management and leadership. As a visionary, and an Executive Coach, Renee has developed and implemented programs that have improved the lives of individuals, and communities throughout Los Angeles. She has worked with the Department of Commerce and The City of Los Angeles for Small Business Development and taught several workshops, as an Executive Coach. As a motivator and teacher Renee has trained and developed hundreds of certified staff members through training and mentorship.

In additional to her expertise, she has managed a 5MM organization which was founded by Ms. Moncito in 1997. She was responsible for the overall operation and success of all the programs at Wings of Refuge Family Service Agency. She ensures the implementation of policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors. She provides oversight to the Chief Financial Officer, Program Administrator and other program directors and ensures the adherence to all federal and state regulations and requirements. As founder of the organization, Ms. Moncito personally develops and trains senior staff and administers.

Margie Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

Margie Wilson- Buchanan - Chief Operating Officer

Margie brings two decades of business experience in operations, business development, organizational growth, and entrepreneurship to the art executive coaching. She built a six figure business development training company and capture more than 40% of the Los Angeles County AOD market share. Margie has provided executive coaching services for clients across various industries including: technology, finance, healthcare, commercial real estate, medicine, law, human resources, and non-profits. She blends finely tuned active listening skills, evidence based principles in positive psychology, tested coaching practices and practical economics into her customized coaching.

As a motivational speaker and staff trainer Margie has helped fragmented teams embrace the value of leveraging all of the talents and strengths of the entire team in achieving corporate success. Margie has developed workshops and training programs that have transformed thousands of lives in powerful ways, which has added value to the organization's bottom line. Margie's dedication to the process of training makes her credible and allows audience's to feel her authenticity. Margie Wilson promises to always deliver the right message for the audience and its circumstances. Margie delivers!


The Solutions Foundation PCST provides the following services in order to reach the individualized goals of each company:



Each employee is given an assessment in order to determine areas of strength and need for improvement. Once assessment is evaluated, each employee is given a training plan and curriculum.



Provided on a weekly basis; includes an array of course topics and curriculums for group or individual needs.

Life Coaching


Offered for individuals, as needed. Targets individual stressors and needs of each employee.



  • Leadership and the Power of Influence
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Using emotional intelligence
  • Fatigue risk management solutions
  • Developing effective relationships at work
  • Maintaining ethics and sustaining integrity
  • How to manage emotions and excel under pressure
  • Purpose for Life Orientation Workshops
  • Phonics Program
  • Literacy/Tutoring Program
  • Effective Communication Courses-Live Program
  • Learning How to Learn Course
  • Basic Study Course--Overcoming the Barriers to Study
  • Character Building: Personal Morals and Ethics
  • Drug Education: The Truth About Drugs
  • Decisions for Life Course: How to chose the right friends
  • Proper Nutrition Course
  • Basic Financial Literacy Course
  • Job employment preparation


  • Extensive research on your organization
  • Orientation & assessments


  • Courses
  • Communication course
  • Ethics course
  • Conflict resolution TRs
  • And more...


  • Q & A
  • Wins
  • Follow ups


Private one on one training session's for CEOs executive pastors entrepreneur's teachers all one on one. You will take your organization to a totally different level!


For six or more employees.


All employees or students can be in training at the same time or could be separated into groups. The training is individual in the course room at your own Pace based on each individual employee or student. This is a better rate plan.


Solutions Foundation Non-Profit

The Solutions Foundation - Alcohol & Drug Recovery

The Solutions Alcohol and Drug Recovery Foundation, Inc's

Our non-profit mission is to help people make better decisions.

It's a simple mission and one that we've been passionate about since 1995. We believe that the way an individual can receive high-quality outcomes in life is by taking an active role in the decisions making process. Unfortunately, many individuals facing life altering conditions tend to most often think in a vacuum, full of nonproductive ideas. Because of this, we have been providing no-cost presentations and trainings in the area of "the importance of maintaining a positive perspective" throughout communities that have a high incident of health crisis, drug addiction, mental health crisis, high poverty, and a poor employment forecast. We have witnessed the lives of people changed when given the tools to think more positively.

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